If you login to an account you can manage and delete your existent dynDNS. Without login you create a anonymous new one.

ATTENTION: This section is currently in alpha-test. No registration available to the publuc ATM.

Fill in these few fields to get ready your dynDNS.
All dynDNS will be a subdomain of *.dyn.* on a domain of your choice. The TTL will be 60 seconds, so updates will go fast.
Reliable and anonymous dynDNS service with No logs. We will only store the data you inputed here to feed it into the DNS zone. If you delete a entry or your account it gets purged.

dynDNS: .dyn. Should only contain lowercase letters from a-z, digits(0-9) and hyphen (-). Max length from 3 to 32.
Retype pass:
The IP for A-record:
The FQDN for MX-record:

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